Processing firewood and the stacked filling of pallets have been done only manually so far – which is reflected in increased labour costs and therefore lowers revenue.As a result, these activities are carried out almost solely in low-wage countries.

Automating the processing steps considerably increases productivity and, furthermore, simplifies the logistics process for putting firewood on pallets.The practical storage of firewood on pallets is also an advantage which customers could not imagine doing without today.

Market development in the firewood sector

For some time we have noticed continually rising demand for wood fuel.Around 25% of this is processed into pieces of firewood and sold.According to a statistic of the German Forestry Council, in Germany alone there are around 10 million wood-burning stoves, open fireplaces and wood burners – and the trend is rising.The demand for firewood is rising continuously!

The logical addition

With the addition of the fully automatic mobile firewood palletising machine, it has become possible for the first time to automate the entire processing procedure for firewood.


The palletising machine can be added directly after a choice of either a dry rotary drum, a bunker with an integrated conveyor floor, a cutting and splitting machine, or after a quantity-controlled conveyor belt.The basic model is designed for 33cm long split logs.Other split log lengths are also possible on request.The pallet fill quantity can also be adjusted according to individual requirements.


Are you interested in the possibility of fully automatic box stacking?Do you also want to serve this increasingly interesting market segment?With our patented procedure we can provide you with a solution in this area too!

The wood is filled stacked into suitable sacks.
As an option we also provide palletising according to the customer’s particular requirements.This variant can also be added to every preliminary processing stage.We will be happy to advise you!

We can also provide a combination with pallet stacking and sack stacking.

Do you want more information?If so, contact us – we will be happy to advise you!