W&S holztech GmbH

The company W&S holztech GmbH, 9560 Feldkirchen, Lastenstraße 7 was founded in 2010. The company’s objective is the research and development and also the sale of technical installations – in particular fully automatic mobile firewood palletising machines.

Back at an early stage a cooperation agreement was signed between the current partners Stampach holz:tech, owned by the sole proprietor Peter Winkl, and Sondermaschinenbau Siegel, owned by Rudolf Siegel


At the location of the one-man business Peter Winkl vulgo Stampach 9143 Feistritz 10, water rights were already established for the Feistritzbach stream back in 1870.In the beginning the water power was used to drive various agricultural machines, and later also to generate electricity.In 1928 the ancestors replaced the water wheel with a Francis turbine and also set up a saw mill.The following decades were shaped by wood trading and the custom sawing of wood supplied by customers.In the golden age for the sawing industry at the time, sawn wood was sold via Trieste all the way to North Africa.The saw mill was shut down in 1960, but from 1971 it started up again for private use.Both the turbine unit and the electric power plant were newly built in 1982, then in 2000 they were automated and connected to the public electricity grid


There was a key change in 2005 with the recently founded company.The purpose of the business was setting up and running a firewood processing unit where the wood, delivered in usual trunk lengths, was able to be processed fully automatically into firewood ready for use in an oven and packed ready for dispatch on pallets.Afterwards the wood processing and palletising machine – which had already been developed as a conceptual idea for several years – was also patent protected as a mobile unit


For more than 35 years the company Siegel has been successful as a medium-sized company in the Austrian and European markets and implements all projects in the area of the production and maintenance of special-purpose machines and special installations from all lines of business.There is experience both in the development of prototypes and in fully automatic series production of special wood processing machines.The strength is solving complex problems in connection with state-of-the-art production technologies.High quality and flexibility are distinguishing features of the business.


In 1975 the company Siegel was founded by the owner Mr Rudolf Siegel in Feldkirchen.It focussed on the production and maintenance of special-purpose machines for wood processing companies.In the last two decades the company Siegel has also specialised in the production of industrial and precision machines.


Individual concepts are developed with trustful and success-oriented cooperation with the customers in order to find technically flawless and economically ideal solutions.The aim is to comply with the customers’ desires by optimising the produced machines and to adapt these so they are in line with the particular requirements.State-of-the-art technologies and equally qualified staff are available to meet these challenges.

Reference list for the company Siegel

·         Patent development of a drilling and milling machine for wood construction wall elements – service to company GANAUS

·         Development and construction of briquette presses; subsequent series production of three types of briquette presses

·         Production of water dispenser for plastic pipes with hydraulic tight fit device for IRAQ

·         Patent development for noise barriers with integrated dust filter

·         Construction of hose drying equipment

·         Construction of machines for the manufacture of wall elements – service to company FRICO-HAUS

·         Drilling and cutting machines

·         Series production of transport equipment and double scissor lifts – service to company GESA

·         Mechanical engineering – sawmill technology – conveying technology – power generation – turbine construction and repair

·         Manufacture of production equipment for plate production – service to the company HERAKLITH Plattenerzeugung- Ferndorf

·         Patent development of prefabricated wall elements made of hemp fibre for the interior

·         Front gate saw and milling cutter with element press

·         Start of automation systems for the prefabricated housing industry

·         Construction of handling machines

·         Broom binding machines for SOUTH AFRICA

·         Construction of access platforms – service to company PALFINGER

·         Industrial equipment for prefabricated houses for the companies FRICO - Haus, WEBER - Haus and WIGO - Haus

·         Production of bobsleds for the Austrian National Championships

·         Production of different manufacturing equipment – service to company ATLAS

·         Cutting machine production – service to company SEMMELROCK